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In this era, you might feel out of place if you go out without digital technology in your pocket. Everything goes digital to the point that it is not an option anymore not to utilize it.

SkyLabs, too, has its share in technology. We have been developing a content-making app and an arcade game. They are not strictly astronomy-related, but the concept stays the same: igniting your curiousity and critical thinking.

iGTemp, short for Instagram Template, is an app to write, edit and prepare your social media content. It has several layouts that are so simple and easy to use. You can also invite your team to create and revise your contents together.

We have used iGTemp for over a year to create and share our contents. We have been preparing to remake the app so that everyone can use. Stay tuned for the latest update.

Legend has it that once upon a time, since everything humans need is available, they live too dispassionately and carelessly. Their logics, symbolized by mathematical signs, disappear, creating an extreme chaos to the world. The sole mission of the game is to find The Missing Signs and restore the world order.

The game is still in development stage. We invite you all to become beta-testers to be able to try and play the game before it is launched. Seats are limited to the first 100 applicants.
Annular solar eclipse
Inspired from the higher education goals, we believe in three pillars of education: teaching and education itself, research and development, and public outreach. This department, Digital and Public Outreach, aims to fulfill the third pillar. Due to the pandemic, unfortunately, the program is still on hold.