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Research is one of the backbones of any scientific field. For a field to thrive and develop with time, it needs to consistently carry out research projects; ones that can be passed, replicated, and revised through generations.

In 2020, SkyLabs expands its activities to scientific research, especially—but not limited to—astronomy. To maintain the activity, we collaborate with researchers from established educational institutions.

Our current research topics are Cosmology—the universe as a whole—and Science Communication.

Dark matter
Dark matter is an "invisible" matter can only be detected mainly from its gravitational effect. Dark matter makes up about ~27% of the universe. What is the effect of dark matter and how is it measured?
Active galactice nuclei
Active galactic nucleus (AGN) is a region at the center of a galaxy that is extremely bright. There are many types of AGNs with distinct appearances and profiles, but they are all thaught to be the same object. Why do they look different, then?