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What Is SkyLabs?

"SkyLabs Org brings about a concept of exploring astronomy as a tool to ignite your curiosity and critical thinking.

Why does the sun shine? Why doesn't the moon fall? How did the universe begin?

Those are questions of curiosity that are no longer frequently asked as people grow old. They, however, do not actually vanish. curiosity does not vanish. It might just be buried somewhere in your thoughts.

Here, you will find astronomy not as a mere facts and knowledge. You will observe it. You will explore it. You will peel it piece by piece. And before you know it, you will have escalated your critical thinking and digged your curiosity back to the surface.


Hasan Albanna (Researcher, Writer, Developer), Hanny Rizky Erwanda (Marketing, Writer), Afidah Dzikra (Researcher, Developer), Ahmad Munawir (Researcher, Finance), Dwi Stany Oktaviani (Researcher), Luthfiandari (Writer), Sulistiyowati (Researcher, Editor).


Research Supervisors: TBD.*)

Software Development: Natia Warda (Graphic Designer), Raditya Bima Pratama (Beta Tester).

*) To be announced at a future date.